queen0f-light said: you should totally do lavender. (: like a chunk at least or something.
my bangs are teal atm. and the rest is red, but I'm turning the red back to my natural brown tomorrow. just in case you were wondering, not quite sure why I told you that. haha.

i want to do some parts of it maybe over the summer. even my mom is cool with it. :O i just want to wait until it’s a little longer. and keep it pretty tame. i’m currently trying to get a job with the university. :D

i love teal. i just don’t think i could pull it off, haha.

Sunday Feb 6 @ 06:28pm

daffodilthief said: I love how much you're in love with The Black Swan. I saw it right after moving out of Farris, and it blew me away. My mind is still recovering. :)

- Sarah

it was so good! :D i definitely agree. (:

Wednesday Dec 22 @ 04:21pm
reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now.


This could be interesting.

Tuesday Nov 30 @ 11:58pm

Anonymous said: You are beautiful. Really. I don't know you. But .. You're beautiful. Inside I mean. But, You're especially gorgeous. You have amazing eyes. I dream of meeting people like you while I sleep at night

Thank you. I wish you weren’t anonymous? (:

Tuesday Nov 30 @ 04:59pm


Srrsly. You guys need to be pervier. 




Srrsly. You guys need to be pervier. 


Tuesday Nov 2 @ 07:25pm

antinomy-deactivated20111104 said: Can I love your for the last post you posted, and for like everything you posted too?? :3

yes, of course! i love you too, obviously! :D

Sunday Aug 15 @ 08:59pm

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